Dermaplaning Facial

Dermaplaning is a non-invasive skin treatment which is suitable for most skin types especially those which are dry and dehydrated. You might experience redness post treatment but this will only last a few hours after which it is extremely important you continue to moisturise your skin which includes a SPF.

Additionally, it exposes younger, brighter skin, which helps even out the skins natural tone and surface. As a result, your face will have a smoother texture because it will eliminate all peach fuzz or vellus hair which can tend to make the skin look dull and congested.

Due to the exfoliation process, dermaplaning will also improve the penetration of your skincare products and its is advised to use hydrating serums (hyaluronic acid) as they penetrate deep into the epidermis. It is also advisable that you half the amount of skincare and foundation product you use because your skin has now been exfoliated of dead skin and surface hair.

I recommend on having this facial every 4-6 weeks, this is a extremely versatile treatment, it can be added to another facial as a upgrade treatment.

What does the Dermaplaning Hydration Facial include?

Hyrdopeptide Cashmere Cleanse
Painless Skin Enzyme Peel
Hydropeptide Regenerative Masque
LED Light Therapy
Ice Globe Massage
Vitamin & Hyaluronic Moisturiser + SPF protection

1 Hour Facial – £75.00 – 75 minutes

Upgrade – £35.00