WarM Waxing

I offer a comprehensive range of Austrailian Bodycare Tea Tree Strip Wax. this is a hygienic tube waxing system which incorperates a disposable dispenser.  All my waxes are suitable for sensitive skins and I recommend having hot wax for those extremely sensitive areas.

Full Leg£33
Full Leg & Bikini£43
3/4 Leg£30
Half Leg (lower)£20
Half Leg (upper)£27
Half Leg (lower) & Bikini£32
Basic Bikini Wax –15 mins

High Leg Bikini Wax£20
Half Arm Wax£25
Full Arm Wax£32
Stomach Wax£32
Mens Chest Wax£38
Mens Back Wax£38